Jonathan Levine, DMD, PC

A man with a mission: To give the world a reason to smile.

Dr. Jonathan Levine is a man on a mission: To revolutionize the oral care and dental aesthetics industry. As a renowned dentist and prosthodontist in practice for nearly 30 years, Dr. Jonathan Levine offers a comprehensive approach to dental health, intersecting beauty with function.
Dr. Jonathan Levine is a visionary product inventor, clinical researcher and published author. Holding three patents and 12 patents pending in oral care, he is responsible for modernizing the way people whiten their teeth. By combining his numerous patents with innovative dental technologies and a tenacious drive to always "make it safer, faster and more effective," Dr. Levine continues to up the ante with breakthrough professional techniques, and sleek, sophisticated at-home consumer and professional teeth whitening treatments.
Dr. Levine is an Associate Professor at the NYU School of Dentistry and is as committed to advances in the medical field as he is to his patients here at 923 Fifth Avenue. A national key opinion leader in oral health, Dr. Levine believes strongly in guiding the next generation of dentists and is the Program Director of the Advanced Aesthetics Program in Dentistry at NYU CE. Dr. Levine also contributes his professional services to humanitarian efforts and organizations. He is on the board of Foundation Rwanda, which helps the children of the 1994 genocide, and on the advisory board of Health Corps, a national service and peer-mentoring initiative. He also donates his services to Operation Smile to help correct childhood facial deformities across the globe.
As a noted authority on the latest oral care and aesthetic products and techniques, Dr. Levine is frequently tapped into by the media and beauty industry to provide oral care tips, medical advice and aesthetic insight. He has appeared on several national television networks and shows, including CNN, Good Morning America, The Dr. Oz Show (as a regular expert), The View and more. As an authoritative source in smile health and beauty, he is frequently quoted in top national print publications, including InStyle, Marie Claire, Men's Health, People Stylewatch, Self, The New York Times, USA Today and more.
Dr. Jonathan B. Levine
How long have you been practicing dentistry?
Since 1982 when I graduated the Goldman School of Dentistry. Today, I am back involved with the school as the chairman of the dean's advisory board.
What drew you to dentistry as a field?
The opportunity to help people in a professional setting without a life and death hospital feel. To make a difference in people's lives keeps me excited every day, whether I am practicing, teaching, or innovating new ways to deliver care.
Why did you become a specialist?
As the profession evolved, the specialty of prosthodontics defines the intersection of function and beauty where I love to live within my chosen profession. Every patient has different needs, and the goal for everyone is the same; the healthiest most beautiful smile possible.
What do you think is the common thread for all of the things you do?
The Cornell University board involvement, the NYU Advanced Aesthetics Program director role, the chairman of the BU dental board, innovating new products, being a lacrosse coach and starting an oral health foundation GLO/Good, it is to make a difference and impact positively in people's lives
Greatest accomplishment
My 2 boys, Julian and Cody.
How do you spend your free time?
With my family, on my bike with the cycling friends, coaching lacrosse..
Best anti-aging advice
Improve your smile and you connect your soul to the outside world
Tips for a great smile
Every days have a routine to keep a healthy mouth and a healthy, beautiful smile.
Your favorite part of the Jonathan B. Levine team
When you walk into our office you will feel the family feeling of people who care. We have developed a systematic approach to aesthetic enhancements, we couple beauty with function to achieve our vision for all of our patients; to achieve their most beautiful, healthy smile possible.



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Professional advice and the essential tools needed to achieve and maintain a beautiful smile, optimum oral health and overall wellness
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NYU Program Director Advanced Aesthetics Program in Dentistry

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